An Energy-Efficient Multi-Sensor Compressed Sensing System Employing Time-Mode Signal Processing Techniques


This paper presents the design of an ultra-low energy, rakeness-based compressed sensing (CS) system that utilizes time-mode (TM) signal processing (TMSP). To realize TM CS operation, the presented implementation makes use of monostable multivibrator based analog-to-time converters, fixed-width pulse generators, basic digital gates and an asynchronous time-to-digital converter. The TM CS system was designed in a standard 0.18um IC process and operates from a supply voltage of 0.6V. The system is designed to accommodate data from 128 individual sensors and outputs 9-bit digital words with an average reconstruction SNR of 35.31 dB, a compression ratio of 3.2, with an energy dissipation per channel per measurement vector of 0.621 pJ at a rate of 2.23k measurement vectors per second.

In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems